HerLaunch began as a way to share the journeys of successful founders, under 30. Its mission was to inspire young women to LAUNCH their ideas. Today, HerLaunch not only wants to inspire young women but also nurture their success as women founders in our communities. We’re here to level the playing ground of young entrepreneurs. We’re here to help women founders stay competitive. We’re here to invest in their company’s growth. And we’re here to create more empathetic and inclusive leaders.

Even with a major gender investment gap, there are 11.6 million women-owned businesses today. When it comes to early-stage capital, women receive significantly less to men, a disparity that averages more than $1 million. Despite the barrier, “businesses founded by women are delivering higher revenue - more than twice as much per dollar invested - than those founded by men.”

- Boston Consulting Group

Women founders are working intelligently within the current system and we salute them. It’s why we’re on a mission to help close the investment gap that has prevented “her” from launching and thriving.

A token:

The ladybug in our logo embodies lady luck. It foretells a time of luck & protection, and it is a symbol where wishes start to become actualized.