A studio of creatives + professionals that have come together to help women founders grow. 


How we serve women founders:

We help you grow. We know the day to day of running your business can easily consume you as a solo-preneur thus, slowing your business growth. But with a trusted team by your side - ideating, developing and launching your growth ideas - you are setting yourself up for success.


“Women receive significantly less early-stage capital to men, averaging more than $1 million. Despite this, businesses founded by women are delivering higher revenues - more than twice as much per dollar invested - than those founded by men.”

— Boston Consulting Group


Closing the Gap. 

Today, more and more female-led funds are arising, committed to investing in female-founded companies and while this is an optimistic step to closing the gap, much more is required. We believe a channeling of expertise to help women entrepreneurs take the next step might just be what it takes. As more women entrepreneurs focus on growth, more of these companies will be seen, increasing the number of women founded companies seeking funding, consequentially closing the investment gap.  


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